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Everything changes, nothing changes

The term "upgrade" should be well known to everyone nowadays, is one of those terms that looks innocent, but for some reasons, as soon as they are spoken, read or heard, provoke panic reaction on most peoples.

Just like "disaster recovery" or "failover test". Or "what does 'content encrypted' means?"

For some reasons, lately, there is some kind of "duality" on peoples about "upgrades". We're talking about System upgrades of course, not other kinds. On one hand, everybody apparently wants system upgrades, all the time and when they don't get them, then start yelling. But when they do get them, then they yell even more because it "interrupt the productivity" or some such.

Unfortunately, in some circumstances, upgrades are cause of problems, and I'm not talking specifically when the thing that gets upgraded was working before and then not really much (yes, Windows 10 1809, I'm talking to you). But even when the thing wasn't working much before and after the upgrade should at least start working.

The fact is that "change" something, doesn't matter if in positive or not, doesn't matter how, is always seen as a source of problems (real or perceived). As they say "better to keep the devil you know...". Everybody hates changes, especially the fast ones (volcanic eruption, earthquakes, flash-floods...)

And unfortunately, there are situation where one flash-flood or two are the only thing that allow to get some of the old cruft out and let start again from a better, cleaner, nicer point. So potentially a better one.

And this is the moment we start talking about $mathusalem, they managed a sytem, based on a bunch of products developed by some developers in an unkown time on a system that was old enough to drink and drive.

And they decide to "rejuvenate" the things moving the whole environment on the clouds, that is so much trendy lately. Obviously they decided to do so in order to save a load of money (somehow).

So they immediately started mailing all their customers with news of the flood...I mean, of the move towards the new system.

But hey did that without considering the elephant in the room. Elephant named "old software".

It turned out that the old software was..."optimized". Optimized to use quirks and bugs of the old system and just copying onto a new environment without those bugs was going to break it.

The we discovered that he database used had stored procedures that used stuff that was deprecated in the new versions and nobody had an idea of how to remake that stuff.

And all of this was discovered, obviously, by the customers. The day of the "upgrade". Upgrade that was blocked and reversed faster than when you see the police standing at the end of the road you're taking the wrong way.

The idea of "rejuvenate" the software was not accepted very well by $mathusalem, especially because it required PAYING MONEY to somebody to do the development.

After a number of "changes" to the system to "make it compatible" (aka: install old, deprecated and no longer maintained versions of software and libraries), we discovered another "nice" thing.

Because of the age of this thing, most of the users were still using (drum roll)... SSL V3! Yes! A protocol that was old and bugged more than 10 years ago!

And guess what? To make the "transition less traumatic", we're required to re-activate this triceratop and keep it around for at least another 6 months. This -after- the fact that the "company motto" is "security is not optional"!

27/02/2020 13:51

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Messer Franz By Messer Franz - posted 09/03/2020 09:14 - reply

> un ambiente che era abbastanza vecchio da prendere la patente

aaaah...i modi di dire da BigD....ci sarebbe da farci un libro tipo quelli dei proverbi..."idotismi ed idioti, di BigD"

A parte questo, siamo a Marzo, e tu avevi quel "problema" (più che altro incognita) sul dominio che scadeva a Marzo...dato che io vivo nel terrore di siti che scompaiono "ma io lo avevo scritto su whatsapptwitterlatuapietratombale", tutti social che io non uso, anche se mi sembri il tipo che se spegne o sposta un sito avverte sul sito prima, io ho le mie psicosi (tante) e quindi chiedo lo stesso: novità?

Messer Franz

Davide Bianchi@ Messer Franz By Davide Bianchi - posted 09/03/2020 16:26 - reply

A parte questo, siamo a Marzo, e tu avevi quel "problema" (più che altro incognita) sul dominio che scadeva a Marzo.. novità?

Se hai seguito la vicenda, saprai che la "vendita" e' stata ostacolata, piu' o meno da tutti (meno chi voleva comperare) e parecchie cose abbastanza "puzzolenti" sono comparse, percui al momento e' tutti fermo ed io ne ho approfittato per rinnovare il dominio ai prezzi vecchi per altri 2 anni. Poi vedremo che succede.


Davide Bianchi

Gazzer By Gazzer - posted 09/03/2020 16:27 - reply

Già, pure noi abbiamo ambienti abbastanza vecchi da prendere la patente. Quella per i camion, e con la possibilità di guidare anche i più pesanti.


gabriel By gabriel - posted 10/03/2020 02:04 - reply

io fortunatamente, nella mia giovane età di 18 anni ho avuto modo di utilizzare e mantenere(mantengo siti per non vedenti e anche per vedenti) solamente cose scritte e o sviluppate in nuovi ambienti.

invece ho dovuto combattere con un software(per non vedenti) scritto per msdos portato in visual basic 4, aggiornato a visual basic 5 e visual basic 6.

un software che si blocca solamente a guardarlo o a sentirlo parlare.

davide una cosa: che sistema era, cosa doveva fare e in che linguaggio era scritto?


Davide Bianchi@ gabriel By Davide Bianchi - posted 11/03/2020 08:54 - reply

davide una cosa: che sistema era, cosa doveva fare e in che linguaggio era scritto?

Era (ed e' ancora) un sistema proprietario che fa diverse cose, ritengo sia scritto per la maggioranza in C/C++, con delle parti diverse aggiunte in seguito in Perl o in Python.


Davide Bianchi

trekfan1 By trekfan1 - posted 10/03/2020 10:27 - reply

(Si', Windows 10 1908, sto' parlando di te)


ahem.... 1909 :D


Thomas By Thomas - posted 10/03/2020 14:05 - reply

1908 (09 in realtà)?

Evidentemente non sei tra i "fortunati" che sono passati (stati fatti passare, per gli utenti Home) alla 2004, uscita a febbraio...


Anonymous coward By Anonymous coward - posted 11/03/2020 20:50 - reply

"Poi si scopri' che il database usato conteneva delle stored procedure che facevano uso di un qualche "bug" del database che era stato pero' corretto negli eoni intercorsi, percui le stored procedure fallivano miserandamente."

eheheh... le ottimizzazioni fatte sfruttando "caratteristiche" della versione X del software, "caratteristiche" non più presenti nella versione x+k, eheheh.

Quando i manaGGer capiranno che qui nel fottuto mondo reale le cose procedono ben diversamente da come le immaginano chiusi nelle loro torri d'avorio, seduti su poltrone in pelle umana e circondate da segratarie in topless lascive e vogliose, rara il momento in cui sarà ghiacciato l'inferno.

Anonymous coward

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