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You want what?

By Davide Bianchi, Updated 25/05/2020 09:50, 4 messages
At a question, a reply (kinda)...


By Davide Bianchi, Updated 07/03/2019 14:05, 11 messages
Use Raspberry's PI and a VNC Server to drive a slideshow on multiple screens

The Pager

By Davide Bianchi, Updated 16/07/2018 10:28, 1 message
What the heck is a "pager"?

Using Varnish as Proxy and Cache system

By Davide Bianchi, Updated 06/02/2013 14:55, 3 messages
Using Varnish as a Proxy and Cache system

Sendmail, SASL and SSL on Slackware 13

By Davide Bianchi, Updated 15/08/2012 15:02, 4 messages
Reconfigure Sendmail sometimes brings strange discoveries...

Laptop Stand? Do It Yourself!

By Davide Bianchi, Updated 10/11/2011 19:54, 11 messages
I wanted a laptop stand...

Remote Install Server

By Davide Bianchi, Updated 14/09/2010 15:26, No messages
Come implementare un PXE / Remote Install Server con Slackware o CentOS/RedHat

Windows Monitoring with Nagios and NSClient

By Davide Bianchi, Updated 21/04/2010 13:39, 1 message
How do you run personalized checks on Windows?

Linux on a Toshiba L300 1AY

By Davide Bianchi, Updated 17/12/2009 10:28, 28 messages
In a spending-raptus, I bought a brand new Toshiba Laptop.

Let's Go Virtual!

By Davide Bianchi, Updated 29/11/2009 13:28, 7 messages
Virtual Domains and Users with Postfix, Dovecot, Procmail and MySQL

Oracle 9.2 on Slackware 9.1

By Davide Bianchi, Updated 29/11/2009 12:42, No messages
This is how I installed it, doesn't mean it cannot be done in any other way..

Databases access using the DAO and the MFC

By Davide Bianchi, Updated 29/11/2009 09:45, 2 messages
Databases access and manipulation are normal activities for almost any software.

Linux on ASUS A6R (A6RP)

By Davide Bianchi, Updated 29/11/2009 09:34, No messages
So it came the day my old Acer died... actually it didn't, but I managed to break the display, and the repair cost was WAAAAAY too much to be repaired, so I decided that it wasn't going to happen.

Linux on an Acer Travelmate 292lmi

By Davide Bianchi, Updated 27/11/2009 19:32, No messages
I've always be found of Acer as laptop producer, at least after seeing the 'quality' of some dell... so on my new TM 292 I installed Linux right away.

Using TomCat's Virtual Hosts

By Davide Bianchi, Updated 24/09/2009 15:15, 1 message
Instead of using VirtualHosts on Apache to redirect to tomcat.

Linux as a Stereo

By Davide Bianchi, Updated 24/09/2009 13:37, 30 messages
Using a mini-pc as a Stero in the living room.

Using TagLibs with JSP

By Davide Bianchi, Updated 09/09/2009 11:39, 4 messages
Tag Libraries allow to keep development of web applications simple, and to reuse codes developing new modules.

A Simple Software/Hardware Scanner For Windows Machines

By Davide Bianchi, Updated 08/09/2009 16:02, 6 messages
Instead of walking around and taking down notes about your hardware, let the machines tell you what you want to know.

Un semplice Controller Reflective in php.

By Riccardo Cagnasso, Updated 08/09/2009 02:33, 1 message
Modellare la logica di visualizzazione di un'applicazione PHP con la Reflection, ovvero una semplice implementazione di una libreria di Controller stand alone.

Quick intros to the DNS

By Davide Bianchi, Updated 30/07/2009 15:42, 14 messages
A quick and dirty intros to the DNS

Anche Linux puo' essere insicuro

By Luca Bertoncello, Updated 23/07/2009 07:28, 24 messages
Anche Linux puo' essere crackato. E di brutto, anche! Basta poterci mettere le mani sopra...

CMS? DoItYourself! (version 5.1)

By Davide Bianchi, Updated 05/07/2009 11:14, 7 messages
Here it is! Version 5.1 with lots of changes!

Criptare partizioni e directory

By Luca Bertoncello, Updated 01/03/2009 08:44, 22 messages
Giusto per stare sicuri nel malaugurato caso in cui la macchina venga rubata...

Greylisting and SPF on Postfix and Exim

By Luca Bertoncello, Updated 28/02/2009 08:49, 1 message
There are many ways to check emails for spam, two of them are Greylisting and SPF checking.

War to SPAM with SpamAssassin's plugins

By Davide Bianchi, Updated 24/12/2008 00:00, No messages
If, like me, you too are involved in antispam, you will have sometimes to confront spam that SpamAssassin on his own doesn't recognize.

Connection Pooling in Java

By davidelorenzomarino, Updated 20/03/2008 00:00, 6 messages
Durante lo sviluppo di applicazioni che accedono ad una base di dati, vi sarà capitato di notare che stabilire la connessione verso il database può richiedere anche qualche secondo.

Single-Sign-On With Apache and Linux

By Davide Bianchi, Updated 11/03/2008 00:00, 4 messages

Web ADV: Die!

By Davide Bianchi, Updated 26/06/2006 00:00, No messages
How to use Squid's ACL to filter out web adv.

Setup Apache as a proxy server for Exchange

By Davide Bianchi, Updated 13/05/2005 00:00, No messages
Your mission is to install an Exchange server in our LAN with the Web interface (also called Outlook Web Access) available on Internet trought https

Adding autoreply, forwarding and spam control to Horde/Imp

By Davide Bianchi, Updated 21/10/2004 00:00, No messages
Horde is a suite of web-applications designed to implement mail, calendaring and other functionalities on top of an existing mail server, IMP is the module of Horde that implements the web mail functionality.

Really basic mailing list manager with perl

By Davide Bianchi, Updated 01/06/2003 00:00, No messages
A mailing list is the simplest way to distribute informations using e-mail

Password Protection with ASP

By Davide Bianchi, Updated 27/03/2003 00:00, 2 messages
In molte situazioni si vuole "restringere" l'accesso a certe risorse di un sito Web, puo' essere una pagina che consente il download di certi file, o l'accesso a certi documenti, o altre informazioni piu' o meno riservate.

Database use with Java and Jdbc

By Davide Bianchi, Updated 16/07/2001 00:00, 2 messages
JDBC is the standard interface to access databases with Java.

Java's security

By Davide Bianchi, Updated 18/06/2001 00:00, No messages
Java cames with an extensive security mechanism built-in into the VM, unfortunately, very few knows that is even there.

Recursive functions

By Davide Bianchi, Updated 21/12/2000 00:00, 1 message
The use of recursive functions (functions that call themselves) in most cases allow for simple solutions, but sometimes, simple is not efficient.

What are and how to use the ISAPI

By Davide Bianchi, Updated 11/01/2000 00:00, No messages
IIS, Microsoft's Web Server allow developers to interact with the system using a set of APIs: the ISAPI

Read mail using Pop3

By Davide Bianchi, Updated 11/01/2000 00:00, 3 messages
How to use POP3 protocol to read mail.

Web Programming

By Davide Bianchi, Updated 11/01/2000 00:00, 4 messages
Developing Web-based applications can be done with several techniques and languages.

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