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Aaaaaannddd... IT'S GONE! ($leeches 7)

(from the previous time)

We're at the point where, not having a real "official" assigned project, because the original one was completed and the "second" one was indefinitely parked waiting for $leeches to decide what to do and how to handle this "internet " thing, I was basically doing very little, and I wasn't happy about it. At the same time I was skeptic (to say the least) about DB's ideas on how to proceed in the brave new world and where to stear the company.

It was obvious that a change in functions and directions was required, but how and in which way was not so obvious.

At one meeting to show the yearly results and other assorted things, DB's discussed the idea of hiring a real "marketing" man to try to sell other kind of services and one of the "problems" that he saw in the thing was that, if the marketing manage to sell some software development, then the company had to... you know... DEVELOP the software! At that I responded with a very surprised "Really??"...

Let's just say that I wan beginning to feel not much appreciated anymore. If we add to this that UL9733, not knowing how to manage the things (yeah, big surprise, I know), had decided to give me "stuff to do", related to the goddamn "engine", things that were "analyzed" by what was, risibly, called the "analysis office", whose components I've talked a bit about last time. You can imagine what sort of "analysis" were produced by such office.

The major problem about all this wasn't the "work" per se, that was at best 10 minutes of coding, but the fact that the whole thing toke in the best csase 15 minutes of compile time. When there were no problem with the libraries (that were also continuously developed and twicked).

But the major change in the whole situation was that, all of a sudden, $leeches had found competition (!). Something they had never experienced before. And all of a sudden, the term "productivity" had jumped up and was showing more and more in the various "memos" that began to do the round, with that newfangled thing called "e-mail".

And here is the problem. How do you verify the "productivity" of peoples? If somebody is working on a production plant manufacturing (for example) hammers, it's easy: how many did you made today? But if somebody's job is to write code... what are you gonna count? And how do you measure how well an "analyst" performs?

And if you consider that everybody's modus operando was, 'till last week, don't do anything and just wait the end of the month, you can understand tha things had begin to drastically shift.

Also because, apparently, SL1234 had decided that the best way to check ULs' productivity was to check how annoyed and irritated were the underlying employees. And UL9733 wanted to have a very high productivity of course.

The end result of all this was that I was starting to look around for other, more exciting, opportunities. And a nice thursday (I think it was a thursday, it had the smell of a thursday), I found an interesting request for C/C++ Windows developers from a "software house". So I called them up and discovered some more info: the software house was a veritable software house, they were developing their own products and not doing "consultancy", they were operating in a bit of a niche market (that was good: they can call their own prices) and they just got a large german customer and need to do some ad-hoc development and some porting.

After a bit of discussion and a visit to their offices we got to an half-agreement. The "boss" of the thing (let's call him J), was the chief developer and also one of the two that had founded and owned the company, the other one was managing the marketing and sales part of the business. J was, to say the least, a genius, but he had also the tendency to go out on a random goose chase and then the problem was how to integrate whatever he came up with into the rest of the codebase, if at all. So his idea was to hire somebody that then would have taken the role of "lead developer" and also helped to stear the entire thing.

That was interesting, but until then I was only responsible to direct myself, so I had some doubt about it. So I left with a "I'll think it over".

A couple of days later, I was at $leeches, that was thinking other things. I started up another compile of the whole thing, and while CL3587 was babbling about changes to do in the code for this or that (and still no porting to a better version of the compiler), I decided that since I had to wait for at least 15 minutes, I could go and get a coffee.

When I get back, I noticed that the PC is still at work. At this point UL9733 calls me up. So I go to see what does he wants.

Me - What's up?
UL - Well... I've been told by somebody that it seems you spend an awuful lot of time at the coffee machine...

I look at him. He look at me. I get up, get my jacket and walk out. Once out of the office, I pick up the phone and call J.

Me - Hi, it's me. I decide to accept your proposal.
J - Wonderful! When can you came here to sign?
Me - How about now?
J - Great, I'll wait in the office.

The I turned around and put the badge in the $leeches' mailbox.

And that was it.

Of course there were some 'discussion' with DB, but you can't say a lot when somebody open the discussion by placing a resignation letter on the desk and begin with "You can't offer me more money and you can't change my job, so what do you want?".

An this story with the software house? Eh.... no, I'm not gonna say it this time.

26/10/2020 10:35


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Davide Bianchi

By Davide Bianchi posted 21/12/2020 07:36

E con questo, e' finito un altro anno. Ed il prossimo si preannuncia gia' interessante, con l'Inghilterra che se ne va per cazzi suoi nel mezzo dell'atlantico, nuovi "lockdown" annunciati, un (possibile) variante di Covid-19 (covid-20?) in giro... ci sara' da ridere (spero).

Buon Natale e Buon Anno a tutti.

E adesso me ne torno nel bunker.

-- Davide Bianchi


@ Davide Bianchi By Julo posted 21/12/2020 08:07


"Covid-19 (covid-20?)"

Propendo per Covid-19.2



-- Julo


@ Davide Bianchi By Federico posted 21/12/2020 09:01

E adesso me ne torno nel bunker.

Ricordati di mettere la mascherina sulla presa d'aria :D

Buon Natale e Buon Anno


-- Federico


By WM posted 21/12/2020 08:40

buon natale anche a te Davide (e anche a tutti gli altri)

come al solito si cambia sperando di migliorare e si finisce... boh!

ma se la software house non e' in olanda sappiamo comer e' andata a finire... :-\)


-- WM

Anonymous coward

By Anonymous coward posted 21/12/2020 13:40

Il misurare la produttività di un programmatore mi fa venire in mente questo aneddoto:


"The urge to measure the productivity of developers is not new. Since it is often the case at organizations that more code needs to be written, many attempts have been made to measure productivity based on lines of code (LOC). For example, in early 1982, the engineering management of developers working on software for the Apple Lisa computer decided to start tracking LOC added by each developer. One week, the main user interface designer, Bill Atkinson, optimized Quickdraw’s region calculation machinery and contributed -2000 LOC. The management stopped asking for his LOC."

-- Anonymous coward


By Thomas posted 22/12/2020 00:17

<i>? Ma se il lavoro di uno e' scrivere codice... che cazzo misuri?</i>

Mi sono gia' trovato in un discorso del genere. Le proposte che vanno per la maggiore sono numero di linee di codice e numero di battute, per unità di tempo o in senso assoluto.

Che e' come dire che l'architetto migliore e' quello che consuma più matite...

-- Thomas

Anonymous coward

@ Thomas By Anonymous coward posted 22/01/2021 16:22


? Ma se il lavoro di uno e' scrivere codice... che cazzo misuri?

Mi sono gia' trovato in un discorso del genere. Le proposte che vanno per la maggiore sono numero di linee di codice e numero di battute, per unità di tempo o in senso assoluto.

Che e' come dire che l'architetto migliore e' quello che consuma più matite...


la mia misurazione e: entro il giorno X devi produtte il risutato Y? pensi di farcela? risposte accettabili: SI/NO. se dice SI, aspetto il giorno X e valuto Y, se dice NO, si si discute e si vede perche no (magari lui sa cose che io non so).


-- Anonymous coward


By Thomas posted 22/12/2020 00:19

<i>E questa faccenda con la software house? Eh.... no, stavolta non lo dico...</i>

Ho capito, va': ci toccherà aspettare il 2030!

(covid19/20/21/wadafuk permettendo)

Intanto: auguri di fine 2020 :\)

-- Thomas

Messer Franz

By Messer Franz posted 22/12/2020 09:40

> il miglior modo per misurare la "produttivita'" di un UL era verificare quanto scocciati erano i dipendenti che rispondevano a tale UL. Ed UL9733 voleva avere una produttivita' molto alta.


UL9733, so che ce la puoi fare! Sento che hai tutte le skill richieste! Se te ne manca qualcuna, prediti un altro certificato, ma attento che se ne prendi troppi finisci a Roma in politica, e lì ci sono persone cattive, non solo inutili come te!

-- Messer Franz

Messer Franz

By Messer Franz posted 22/12/2020 09:41

...e buon anno e buon natale e buona befana e buon 2021 e buon buker anche a te!

-- Messer Franz


By Maurizio posted 22/12/2020 11:25

Eh, la fai facile tu... cosa leggiamo ora fino a gennaio? 

Scherzi a parte, grazie di esistere :\)

buone feste anche a te.


-- Maurizio


By Cobra78 posted 22/12/2020 15:38

Buon Natale e Buon a te Big D. e a tutti i frequentatori di Storie dalla Sala Macchine.

-- Prendi la vita al minuto, non all'ingrosso.
Sogna come se dovessi vivere per sempre; vivi come se dovessi morire

Davide Bianchi

By Davide Bianchi posted 23/12/2020 09:26


Nell'Archivio e' disponibile il nuovo zippone con tutte le storie in versione PDF o EPUB.

-- Davide Bianchi

massimo m.

By massimo m. posted 23/12/2020 12:11

"E questa faccenda con la software house? Eh.... no, stavolta non lo dico...”


quanto malriposto ottimismo... sai che lo farai.eccome lo farai

-- massimo m.

Eugenio G.

By Eugenio G. posted 27/12/2020 17:14

Davide, Buone Feste.


Dal profondo del cuore, grazie. Ti leggo da anni e ti stimo molto.

Persone come te ce ne sono ben poche, ed è un peccato.

Long live and prosper.

-- Eugenio G.

Anonymous coward

By Anonymous coward posted 30/12/2020 11:11

Mi ricordo che quando lavoravo da $succhiasangue c'era un capo che misurava la produttività dei suoi con il numero di ore straordinarie fatte. Ovviamente i più produttivi (e premiati) erano i più incapaci, quelli che per far andare due righe di codice impiegevano ore e ore di lavoro.


Buon 2021


-- Anonymous coward


By Guido posted 03/01/2021 19:46

Misurare la quantita' di lavoro di uno sviluppatore?

A righe di codice. In questo modo incentivi ad allungare il brodo in maniera impressionante, tipo righe commentate, codice inutile, metodi che richiamano metodi che richiamano metodii che richiamano metodi che fanno le cose, ereditarieta' multipla...

Mi ricorda un certo tuo articolo...

Non parliamo degli strumenti per la qualita' del codice, le segnalazioni di quell'aggeggio (sonarqube) lasciavano molto spesso il tempo che trovavano (quando non erano inutili, tipo

se fai un controllo if(pippo == null) return; e sotto (if pippo == 2)

ti becchi una serie di warning perche' nel secondo if non stai controllando che pippo non sia null, per dirne una...

-- who uses Debian learns Debian but who uses Slackware learns Linux

Anonymous coward

By Anonymous coward posted 22/01/2021 03:38

>A quel punto mi sono alzato, ho preso la giacca e sono uscito.

>Arrivato sul marciapiede ho tirato fuori il cellulare ed ho chiamato la software house di cui sopra.

qui é dove mi é venuto duro.


>Poi mi sono girato ed ho infilato il badge nella cassetta della posta di $succhiasangue.

>E con questo, non ci sono mai piu' tornato.

>Chiaramente ci sono state discussioni e cose varie con DB, ma non e' che puoi discutere troppo con chi

>apre la discussione mettendoti in mano una lettera di dimissioni e comincia con "non puoi offrirmi piu' soldi

>ed non puoi cambiarmi il lavoro, quindi che cosa vuoi?"

E qui é dove mi sono trattenuto dal farmi una sega per la contentezza.



-- Anonymous coward

Anonymous coward

By Anonymous coward posted 23/01/2021 01:21

UL - Hemmm... Mi e' stato riferito da qualcuno che sembra tu passi molto tempo alla macchina del caffe'...

Allora: abbiamo "qualcuno" e "sempra". troppa incertezza nei dati. io avrei risposto: "DATI INSUFFICENTI PER UNA RISPOSTA SIGNIFICATIVA"


-- Anonymous coward

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