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Who stole my comment?

Sometimes, more or less since I had the really awful idea to add the "comment" function to the site, I get a comment that I make disappear in /dev/null without a noise. And sometimes his prowd owner and creator drop me a mail like "what happened to my comment?"

Yoh, dudes, let's try to be clear here. Maybe you haven't noticed, but this is not DotSlash, FaceSpace, MyBook a forum or whathefsck, this is MY site and I am the one that calls the shots and decides what is in and what's out. The fact that you've registered doesn't mean that your message is going to appear by default. Everything is checked and controlled by me. You don't like it? Sucks to be you.

Same things for comments. Especially if

  1. they simply reiterate your pseudo-religious/techno belief in something that I don't agree with without providing a scarp of logical argument or explanation that hasn't already been debated at nauseamthey are jokes. The not funny types of
  2. they are answers to anwers to answers on an article that is as old as the dinosaurus
  3. I find them offensive or plain stupid

Do you want to have serious technical discussions or swap opinions with me? The mail is working (unless the server is dead), my antispam is pretty harsh, but, again, I check all the messages, even the ones that are marked as spam.

So, if your comment vanish without a trace is because I didn't considered it worth of publication and is useless to send another one because it too will disappear. And if you write me about it you'll get again the same explanation.

End of transmissions. And guess what? No comments/

Davide Bianchi
28/07/2009 12:14

Comments are added when and more important if I have the time to review them and after removing Spam, Crap, Phishing and the like. So don't hold your breath. And if your comment doesn't appear, is probably becuase it wasn't worth it.

No messages this document does not accept new posts

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