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I read everybody else mail

No, I'm not a perver neither a spy.

Picture this: typical pre-christmas party, that normally I try to avoid like the plague but, hey, there is free food, free beverages and some of the girls look not-that-bad and seems also to be on their own so...

I am chatting with this girl and she asks the question, no, not that question, the other one. The classic "what do you do ?"

And you go with the usual "blah blah system administration blah blah"... and she cut you short with "yes, but exactly what do you do?"

And you stop dead, because the first and only thing that you can think as an answer is "I read everybody else e-mail". That is actually quite correct. I mean, if an hypotetical observer would sit behind me the whole day and look over my shoulder, he would see me for most of the time busy readying other's people e-mails. And for the rest of the time basically dicking around. Ok, in most of the case it's spam mail that need to be processed or non-spam-mail that need to be un-processed, but considering that 97% of all mails is spam... there isn't much difference.

So you stop and think... and how the heck do I explain this now?

Maybe I should change the introduction and introduce myself directly as a secret agent... at least the "operative" part wouldn't be so complicated.

Or maybe not.

Davide Bianchi
15/12/2008 00:00

Comments are added when and more important if I have the time to review them and after removing Spam, Crap, Phishing and the like. So don't hold your breath. And if your comment doesn't appear, is probably becuase it wasn't worth it.

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