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Hallo hallo!

No, I'm not dead yet, and no, despite the fact that the Netherlands is a very small country, isn't -THAT- small that a single train crash kills the whole population. In case you're asking.

I'd like to give a sign of how things are going, even if not in the best possible way (as if).

First of all, some "happy" news: recently one of our datacenter decided to check the "level of functionality" of their "continous redundant power supply delivery system" (aka: generator test), and discovered with a big "woha" that their system was a lot less redundant than they expected and not continous for shit. The net result was that half of the datacenter was in the dark for some times.

The engineers were also very disconcerted in discovering that without power, not only the computers wouldn't work, but the electronic locks were still keeping the doors and gates locked (thanks to built-in batteries) but without the authentication computer (that wasn't equipped with battery and probably not in the same circuit) they wouldn't open. I'd really like to have been a crow hanging around and have a listen...

One thing for sure, somebody learned a lot during that "test". For example, we've learned that when you get an allarm (or 200) and you set them on 'acknowledged', they vanishes in the void and then if you don't actually go looking for them you can't find them anymore. If you're asking, that's what our "night shift" penguin discovered when a bazillion servers vanished during the aforementioned test. The net result was that at 6 am, a lot of customers started phoning when they realized that theirs "super-mega-important servers, cornerstones of the whole business, pillar of the industry and our main mean of getting paid", all of which were WITHOUT BACKUPS and in the chepest possible hosting, so in the "we'll look at them once in a while" bracket of support, had died. And of course nobody had any idea of what had happened.

A very interesting day followed.

Another "cute" thing was that one of our very-old storage system. old enough to qualify for retirement, I mean, it could be retired if we could get another one for free, so aint' happening, "lost" one of its network card, and when we notified the manufacturer they replied that "the functionalify of the device have dropped below standard level"... That I think is a very funny way to say "it's broken".

I still haven't figured out why some 'tests', that are potentially destructive HAD TO BE DONE at 2 AM on sunday morning... nobody gain anything except a big headache and having to jump out of bed like dumbasses.

Besides those news, I'm preparing for this year "renovation" project, that involve my kitchen. This year I've decided that is time to get a new one. The old kitchen is the one that I installed 20 years ago because the existing one was already falling to pieces and the color-scheme was out of the page of "Goth-Life", and after all this time, the work-surface has began to de-laminate, and when those things starts going they go very fast indeed. Since I had some fun installing laminate floor last year, I've decided that this year I'm going to redo the floor in the kitchen too, that is also 20+ years old and in dire need of some renovation.

I've ordered all the stuff, so it will be delivered at home and save me to go around collecting stuff, even if I know for sure that I'll have to go get some stuff because I forgot something. So next week I'll have to clean up and empty the "bicycle shed" so I can use it as temporary storage and avoid having stuff around the house for me to trip on.

Now I only need some good weather to do the job.

Well, that's it from me. Have a good one.

Davide Bianchi
11/04/2023 08:19

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By DjCartOOn posted 11/04/2023 19:32

Oh che bellezza, un segno di vita! Ho scoperto tardi questo blog ma adoro leggere & rileggere le tue storie (sia mai che un po' di saggezza del Susadmin passi per osmosi di qua dallo schermo!

E ora che ci penso è ora di verificare le batterie dei miei UPS... grazie D! 

-- DjCartOOn

gabriel pappalardo

By gabriel pappalardo posted 11/04/2023 22:44

weeee big d, ben tornato tra di noi.

come va?

bene che fai i lavori anche in cucina.

spero che ci delizierai con dei post nuovi sui lavori che andrai ad intraprendere.

-- gabriel pappalardo

Anonymous coward

By Anonymous coward posted 11/04/2023 23:42

Buon lavoro!

Io sono appena tre anni che devo sistemare la piante in terrazzo...

-- Anonymous coward


By Thomas posted 11/04/2023 23:42

Immagino che le fighissime serrature "smart" non avessero una schifosa serratura meccanica di backup. Da un lato è un bene (LockPickingLawyer docet) ma dall'altro, beh...

-- Thomas

Anonymous coward

@ Thomas By Anonymous coward posted 17/04/2023 11:31


>Immagino che le fighissime serrature "smart" non avessero una schifosa serratura meccanica di backup. Da un lato è un bene (LockPickingLawyer docet) ma dall'altro, beh...

sono sufficenti 5 persone, uno dei quali deve essere un SUSL o simile: gli altri 4 lo prendono mani e piedi e, come un ariete, lo usano per sfondare a testate (quelle di SUSL) la porta che si ostina a restare chiausa. 



-- Anonymous coward

Davide Bianchi

@ Thomas By Davide Bianchi posted 18/04/2023 09:21

Immagino che le fighissime serrature "smart" non avessero una schifosa serratura meccanica di backup.

Probabilmente la avevano, ma capirai che nel momento del "OhCazzoNonFunzionaPiuUnaSegaMerdaSiamoFottutiMinchiaChiHaLeChiaviAdesso"...

-- Davide Bianchi

Massimo M.

By Massimo M. posted 12/04/2023 00:03

Non te la facessi così facilmente, vogliamo una storia da questo fsck! Bentornato Bigd!

-- Massimo M.


By Manuel posted 12/04/2023 20:23

Bentornato! È sempre un piacere leggerti Grande D.

Buon lavoro (ti sono vicino, ho passato tutto il lockdown con la ristrutturazione di casa...)

-- ::: meksONE :::

Anonymous coward

By Anonymous coward posted 15/04/2023 19:22

Oh. Chissà quante bbelle storie e dialoghi sugosi che ci sono stati...

Belle nel senso "non belle", ma ci siamo capiti.

-- Anonymous coward

Anonymous coward

By Anonymous coward posted 17/04/2023 11:29

Date una medaglia a chi ha inventato la circonlocuzione "la funzionalita' del dispositivo e' risultata inferiore alle aspettative standard" !

Io me la segno e non avro' pace finche' non potro' riciclarla!

-- Anonymous coward

Daniele Levi

By Daniele Levi posted 18/04/2023 07:50

Ehilà BigD, è un piacere leggerti dopo tanto tempo!

Come dico spesso in queste circostanze, nei test di disaster recovery: fase disaster "TUTTO OK", fase recovery "EHM... OPS..."

-- Daniele Levi

Gabriele Corrieri

By Gabriele Corrieri posted 25/04/2023 12:35

Due miei consigli (sicuramente non graditi)

- I test li facessero a piccola scala prima di mettere kaputt tutto il datacenter

- Il piano cucina non prenderlo in laminato (si' lo so che lo hai gia' comprato) ma in granito: praticamente indistruttibile, il mio consiglio e' il limbara: esteticamente e' una bellezza costo praticamente pari al laminato (almeno qui in Italia) (si' lo so che esistono un fottio di materiali compositi che dovrebbero resistere a eruzioni e meteoriti, ma oltre a costare almeno 3-4 volte il banale granito non resistono senza lasciare segni, neanche a una pentola calda appoggiata sopra)

See you more spesso D.

-- Gabriele

Davide Bianchi

@ Gabriele Corrieri By Davide Bianchi posted 02/05/2023 07:27

- Il piano cucina non prenderlo in laminato (si' lo so che lo hai gia' comprato) ma in granito:

...ciccio, quale parte di "devo montarlo da solo" non era chiara? In granito sara' pure indistruttibile, ma pesa una tonnellata.

-- Davide Bianchi

13 messages this document does not accept new posts

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