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CMS Fdt 5.1.1

After 3 days of messing around and rummaging into the code, I'll consider this "update" finished.

Of course somebody won't be happy, because some people has made a life-time goal to never be happy and always bitch about everything, but frankly I don't give a flying fuck. If you aren't happy, you're free to do the changes yourself, otherwise shut the fuck up.

What did changed:

1. I had to use a cookie, because there is no other way to pass around the parameter and have it "stay" unless I drammatically change the whole code, and that is not a project of 3 days, unless you want Cyberpunk-2077-style bugs all around (that would be fun...not). So there is a disclaimer now in the home page that inform that you got a cookie. Theoretically, the cookie is not mandatory, if the site use only one language... but I'm not going to add that feature because it would be a pain in the ass to handle.

2. There has been a change in the CSS and in the visual of the site, due to my attempts at adapting the site to be more compatible with screen-reader, sadly, I think I failed at that, also because the "suggestion" I got were extremely confusing and led me on the wrong way. One of the major changes is that the "posting" of new comments on the site now doesn't open a popup window but a complete new window/tab of the browser.

This is slightly annoying, but couldn't found another way to do it so... that's it.


The site uses Swish as search engine, unfortunately it seems that project is dead or missing. I couldn't get all the pieces to have it working on my "test" machine. So I had to disable the engine during testing and re-enabling on production.

However, it seems there is now a "swish++" version that maybe is going to work. I'll have to look at that, but probably in the next round of updates/bugfixes.

A few bugfixes in the "backoffice" part of the CMS, but nothing major.

As usual, the code will be in the archive (as soon as I put it up) and on sourceforge/git whatever.

I also need to update the docs because it sucks.

That's all.


The code is now on Sourceforge, GitHub and of course in the archive.

Davide Bianchi
07/01/2021 07:19

Comments are added when and more important if I have the time to review them and after removing Spam, Crap, Phishing and the like. So don't hold your breath. And if your comment doesn't appear, is probably becuase it wasn't worth it.

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By Io posted 07/01/2021 08:09

Grazie Sommo Davide per il tuo lavoro! E' sempre bello seguirti!

-- Io


By Nik posted 07/01/2021 10:32

Se ti può consolare, a me andava benissimo come funzionava prima

-- Se striscia fulmina, se svolazza l'ammazza

gabriel il cieco Anonymous coward

By gabriel il cieco Anonymous coward posted 07/01/2021 11:31

em, scusa davide per i suggerimenti em........ un po' confusi, ma ricalco bene la storia dalla sala macchine di $confusi:




-- gabriel il cieco Anonymous coward

Anonymous coward

By Anonymous coward posted 07/01/2021 12:07

Safari su Mac non riesce ad attivare la modalità lettura. Il lettore RSS che usa Mercury Parser invece sì, anche se non si visualizza l'immagine. Sicuramente una miglioria. Grazie

-- Anonymous coward


By Bazingus posted 07/01/2021 13:34

Ma tuttavia però (doppio rafforzativo :D ) ti sei dimenticato di togliere una frasetta in cima alla sezione delle storie, quella che avvisa chi ci ficca il naso di cambiare la lingua del browser se si vuole vederla nell'altra lingua.

-- Bazingus

Anonymous coward

By Anonymous coward posted 07/01/2021 13:49

Sul repo github c'è la data astrale del 20201! Piccolo divertente typo

-- Anonymous coward

Marco Pirazzoli

By Marco Pirazzoli posted 07/01/2021 13:55

Adoro adoro il CMSFDT, e poi in questo update ci sono i gattini nella scatolina...

-- Marco Pirazzoli


By as3ii posted 08/01/2021 14:41

Buondì, piccolo suggerimento da parte mia: potresti aggiungere il campo <pubDate> ai feed RSS? Così i feed reader stupidi non segnano 40 nuovi feed ogni volta che carichi un articolo o una storia. Per il resto a me piace come è "disegnato" questo sito, il plugin DarkReader di firefox previene l'accecamento notturno senza alcun problema e pure la "modalità lettura" di firefox fa il suo lavoro senza bug particolari. Dovessi aprire un blog probabilmente userei il tuo CMS

-- as3ii

Davide Bianchi

@ as3ii By Davide Bianchi posted 09/01/2021 08:31

potresti aggiungere il campo "pubDate" ai feed RSS?

Lo metto nella lista dei prossimi aggiornamenti.



-- Davide Bianchi


By Io posted 15/01/2021 14:02

Forse non frega niente a nessuno, ma ho notato che nei commenti delle storie vecchie, le firme dei commenti non hanno il ritorno a capo o.o


-- Io

10 messages this document does not accept new posts

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