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Have an Holographic Christmas!

Whothefuckcares about self-driving cars with built-in Artificial Imbecillity, like the natural imbecillity of the average driver wasn't enough to create massive amount of disaster on the road!

What we need, today more than yesterday, is a true Holographic Christmas Tree!

One that you push a button and it does shows up in the middle of the room, and even if the cat decide to jump on it like a panther, doesn't crash on the ground showering crystal shards (sharp and shiny) all over the fucking house. One that doesn't set itself on fire when you don't expect and it doesn't take 2 hours to put it up (and the same to take it down) and you don't need to chop down a fucking forest every fucking year.

A TRUE holographic tree, not that piece of garbage they put up sometimes ago at the Rijksmuseum, that was actually a bunch of projectors that were projecting an image on a bunch of semi-transparent sheets of plexiglas, so if the ambient light cooperate, from some angles, if you squint and turn your head just like so, you can barely see something that looks like the ghost of a christmas tree.

How is it that after a century we're talking about 'holograms' we still can't figure out how to do them?

Now is everybody busy with self-crashing cars.

Came on Information Industry! Chop chop!

Davide Bianchi
14/12/2020 09:09

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