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Is not a Bug! It's a feature!

Yeah, remember when some well-known-software-manufacturer was trying to weasel its way out of a situation where an obvious bug has been left in a product and then didn't wanted to fork up for the upgrades?


Now, who's trying to use the same argument? Well, who else but Tesla, the iCar manufacturer that is so enamored of the term 'autopilot' that is ready to stick to wathever, no matter how 'auto' or not is it.

So, the latest news: 10 seconds are enough for crashing with autopilot active if you really think that it's going to drive for you (hint: it ain't).

And the defense of the company is that "the system's imperfections may be what keeps drivers attentive. Drivers are supposed to keep their hands on the wheel, and remain prepared to take control, at all times when Autopilot is engaged".

Yeah. Right.

First of all: stop calling that piece of crap "autopilot": is not an autopilot. Is a barely functional advanced cruise control. It can't even properly stear your car.

Also saying that "in the context of 'tricky situations' – scenarios that may lead to property damage, injury or death – drivers disengaged Autopilot on average every 9.2 miles". There is no such thing as a "tricky" situation, there are only different levels of traffic. And if your... gizmo can't handle anything but a completely empty road, you'd better save the money.


Davide Bianchi
17/05/2019 08:23

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