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It was an honest mistake!

Heyyy.... This morning doing some work on some systems we find out that, how silly of us, I mean, we totaly forgot, seriously we weren't actually thinking about it, so it was completely unintentional on our part, word, man, we just forgot. Ok? No harm done. We just forgot.... What was I saying? Oh, yeah, we just found out that for a fortuitus and completely accidental reason and without any malice on our part, seriously, we are completely innocent, absolutely, not once we thought about it... Anyhow, we found out that our cluster production system, remember the cluster production system yes? That absoulte nightmare that was to set it up it took almost a week and it was a true pain in the ass to install and then we had problems because some invoice got delayed and our finance department wasn't going to pay them, and ho man that was really painful... Anyway, we found out that our production cluster system... Yeah... It runs on a DEMO license... Yeah... So... We were going to install some patches but now we're thinking... what if we restart the system... and it doesn't restart because of the demo? So... Well, we're really sorry about this, it is absolutely a mistake on our side but... could you please NEVER, EVER restart that thing? Ever? Thanks.

Davide Bianchi
14/05/2019 11:44

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