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Sysadmin vs Project Manager

Sysadmin gets bored:

Sysadmin write documentation about how the production system works.
Sysadmin write scripts to analyze the distribution of data between the databases and optimize the load-balancing
Sysadmin write proxy rules to improve performances of the system
Sysadmin write presentation to teach the company about the new security policies
Sysadmin scans the local shares for out-of-date software and patches
Sysadmin prepare budget to replace old hardware
Sysadmin build analysis tool to graph the usage of the network and optimize the distribution of IPs...

Project Manager gets bored:

Project manager plan to build (aka: have somebody else build) "relax corner" in the office by tossing out closets, moving desks around and bothering everybody if we "really need this stuff here or can we put it somewhere else" (like there is a 'somewhere else')...

Davide Bianchi
19/06/2018 13:32

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