The Song of The Sysadmin

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Born To Be Admin

Da parte di MARGIO il Glande

Sulla base di Born to be Admin di Steppenwolf

Get your server running,
head out on the luser,
Looking for prevention
of whatever bugs our way.

Yeah, Luser, gonna make it happen,
take the code in a lovely embrace.
Fire all of your software at once and
explode into space.

I like smoke and lightning,
comin' from your pc,
burning with your hardware
and the feeling that I'm a murderer.

Yeah, Luser, gonna make it happen.
takin' you in a lovely embrace.
Fired from your stupid work and
explode into space.

Like a true workin'dream
we were born, born to be admin.
Kickin'you so high,
I never wanna die.

Born to be Admiiin,
born to be Admiiin.

Get your system running,
head out on the luser,
Looking for a mention
in my "luser tales" site.

Yeah, Luser, gonna make it happen,
What part of "NO" you dont understand.
Trow all of my pliers at once and
hit you in the head.

Like a true Luser child
You were born, born to be Lame.
You can climb so high, ("SL")
and I wanna die.

Born SysAdmiiiiin,
born SysAdmiiiiin.

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