The Song of The Sysadmin

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Dieci Piccoli Pinguini

di Cris Carampa (cris119 AT

Non so se qualcuno di voi conosce "Ten little indians" degli Yardbirds, comunque eccone una parafrasi linuxara:

One little Penguin,
Deciding what he's gonna have to do.
A dbserver needs an appserver,
Then there were two.

Two little Penguins,
All thinking that they gotta be free.
IIS crashed and we lost our website,
Then there were three.

Three little Penguins,
All trying to find the door.
There's no connection without a firewall,
Then there were four.

Four little Penguins,
Up, running and alive.
The Boss bought me a new workstation,
Then there were five.

Five little Penguins,
All trying to get their kicks.
The Boss gave a try at my new workstation,
Then there were six.

Six little Penguins,
They just got down from heaven.
A CVS server is a nice thing to have,
Then there were seven.

Seven little Penguins,
Bill's heart is full of hate.
But his Exchange license is so expensive,
Then there were eight.

Eight little Penguins,
Standing in a line.
A project required a Postgres server,
Then there were nine.

Nine little Penguins,
Doing the best that they can.
The secretary wanted some cute screensavers,
Then there were ten.

Ten little Windows,
Out looking for the sun.
At six o'clock, the moon came out,
Then there was none.

Nota: qualcuno ha fatto notare che l'originale filastrocca "ten little indians" e' una nursery britannica mooolto piu' vecchia degli Yabirds, e ne esiste anche una variante "dieci piccoli negri", la filastrocca e' stata anche usata come base per un libro di Agatha Christie.

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