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During these days of cold, snow and swearing (yesterday evening it toke me four hours to get home... no I mean... FOUR HOURS!) I'm beginning to think what to do with the CMS.

The original plan was to do some little updates and nothing else, but lately I began to reconsider the original idea of throwing MySQL to the fishes and switching to PostGre. But to do so I need to change the data structure a bit.

So now the plan would be:

  1. change data structure basically changing how the documents are stored
  2. add CSS management
  3. add PostGre support
  4. other stuff

But adding PostGre and the rest ain't exactly a small change, actually is quite a huge one. So I'm thinking... maybe is better if I just consider this release done and call the new one directly Five?

Davide Bianchi
07/01/2010 13:21

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