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Three is not better than Two.

C'mon, you saw them too. Usually I see them riding around like dumbasses in the warm summer afternoons (let's say from May to half September) or in the morning rush hours. Usually the raider looks like he decided to save money on the "lower" parts.

Jacket, gloves (sometimes), helmet (Jet of course) and then Jeans (sometimes with holes) and tennis shoes.

Sometimes, usually in the early morning going to work, I see them with the "cover" to keep the legs warm. Sometimes not. And this morning I noticed this thing:

And this has left me kinda perplexed. Not that I wasn't perplexed before but now even more. And I keep asking myself: why the fuck?

And especially, why when to one of those threelers that pretend to be "raiding a bike" you point out that no, that thing IS NOT a motorbike, they get upset? Because IS NOT. A "motorcycle" is clearly defined by law as a motorized vehicle with 2 IN LINE wheels and equipped with an engine of a certain power and a certain riding position. Since those things do not match the definition, they are not motorcycle. That's it.

But besides this, what is the logic behind that thing?

A motorcycle is usually light and agile, it allow you move from point A to B using little fuel (less than a car) and is less affected by traffic jams (especially here where traffic is histerical and riding between lanes is allowed). However... to do point B a bike has to be ... hemmm... bike-sized.

And most of the threeler I see around give me the impression that the driver is convinced to be riding a vehiclea lot smaller than what it actually is, to the point that I see them getting stuck in places where they really shouldn't try to pass through.

And they are also very quick to ignore the fact that a real bike shouldn't be used in some places (bicycle lanes for example).

Beside the cost, that is not that low and if you really want you can get a real motorcycle with the same money, maybe not the latest model but you can find a lot of good bike around, the "practicality" is more or less the same or low than a real bike, let's ignore the "no, that is not a bike" effect, so... why?

Every advertisement that I see of those thing points out that the "advantage" is "you can drive it with the car driving license" (and that is another proof that the thing is not a bike). But is it an advantage for real?

I have a bike license, like a lot of other people. Ok, it costs some money (not that many after all) and is a bit annoying but... is it that complicated or difficult? Seriously, is getting the license such a terribly complicated and difficult thing? Or, maybe, the fact is that getting a CAR license is such an idiotic thing that you get it for free even if you don't want it and maybe we should worry about that instead of producing pseudo-bike that then are driven by a fuckload of peoples that shouldn't even be allowed to push a supermarket trolley.

Davide Bianchi
25/09/2019 09:21

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