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Excuses and Bullshit

This morning one of our "service provider" had some trouble, with their services either completely non-functional or going up and down for the whole morning.

Unfortunately, it seems they hosts all their services and servers in the same machine, because not only our services where down, also their support desk, their mails, their "status page" and several other things...

And when called on the phone, they couldn't tell us when the problem would have been fixed and what was the problem. So sit thight and wait.

A few minutes ago, I got the following mail:

"Our hosting provider experienced a power outage causing our servers to become unreachable. Currently the power has been partially restored, however the affected servers are only receiving half the power they should. As such each individual service will be slower than expected."

Now, I am no engineer, but this sounds like Bullshit to me. A server either has enough power to run, or it doesn't. If it doesn't, it doesn't run AT ALL and that's it. So what the fuck are they talking about? And what kind of datacenter are you using where they only have one power feed? Never hear of redundancy?

Davide Bianchi
05/06/2018 16:08

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