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C'mon... it is not that bad...

Ok, it's sunny, it's warm and I can't leave the house for several reasons... It's time to wash the windows! Since I washed them last time during the American Revolution apparently.

I mean, is not that I don't want to wash them, I like to see throught the glass sometimes... But if it is damn cold, it's raining cats & dogs, everything is frozen solid or I have to get out, I'm not very keen in doing it.

Also because I have a lot of windows...

But yesterday was the good day, so I pulled out the 'ol bucket and the 'ol sponge (named "Bob" of course) and started pouring soapy water all over the place.

And then my neighbour shows up, look at me... and she asks if I got a sun stroke or something and she needs to call an ambulance...

Thanks a lot for reminding me why I hate to clean the window.

Davide Bianchi
19/04/2018 10:04

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