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Update in the making...


Update of the CMS FDT in the making...

What will change: a few bugfixes (images) and an update to the code of the CKEditor that I'm (not) using to edit the text, this should make editing the posts easier/faster... SHOULD.

Stay tuned for more... maybe.


Installed Centos on an old laptop I had lying around, plugged into the 'net in the house and installed the last version of the CMS and a dump of the whole site on it. Holy crap, I forgot how many Perl modules needed to be installed. Also, I have the impression that I had some module that are actually not really used...

And cought already 2 bugs in the "domain check" function (didn't allow for an IP address to be used as Hostname).


Had to do a change in the database, for some reason, when I wrote this thing, I decided that you can't have two documents with the same name. That sounded logical at the time. But now I realized that it should be "you can't have two documents with the same name and the same language". 'Cause... well, I could use the same name for two document in different languages. Only one at a time is shown on the system. So... yeah.

Also, added the possibility to add different languages after a document has been created. Somehow, I  never thought about it.


Fixed a few things that I didn't even knew didn't worked. Like the indication that a document is "default" or "404" for a group that I wanted but it was there already, only I bungled the code so wasn't showing anything... The correct allignment for some entries and other few things.


Added the possibility to add picture to a post directly from the editor picking it up from the pictures in the CMS, no need to rummage around with different windows.

Davide Bianchi
06/04/2018 10:32

Comments are added when and more important if I have the time to review them and after removing Spam, Crap, Phishing and the like. So don't hold your breath. And if your comment doesn't appear, is probably becuase it wasn't worth it.

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